I am going to move to Lisbon

Paul Kastner
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I am going to move to Lisbon

Ola, my name is Paul, i am 22 years old and i am going to move to Lisbon in september until july to do my master studies in electrical engineering. I am Really keen to traveling, hiking, playing guitar and hanging out with friends. I am Really looking forward to moving to Lisbon and exploring the city. I also would like to learn surfing and learn portuguese, which i already started a bit ;)i like to met other people and therefore looking for a room in a shared-apartment with some cool people, who like to hang out or cook together ;). Cheers, Paul.

Género: Masculino
Idade: 22
Ocupação: Estudante
Nacionalidade: German
Zona: Lisboa(centro); Lisboa(IST); Lisboa;
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