I am from Amsterdam I move to Lisbon

Maud Mosterd
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I am from Amsterdam I move to Lisbon

My name is Maud, 24 years old and i am from Amsterdam. I move to Lisbon for an indefinite period from april onwards and am looking for a good place to live from april onwards. I work for a dutch start up, and will do this remotely from Lisbon, when i get back. Further on i am busy with the establishment of a new media platform. Lots of fun stuff. Even more fun if i find a nice place to get home to at the end of the day. I am mainly looking for a relaxed place, where people do their own stuff but also like to have a beer now and then.

Género: Feminino
Idade: 24
Ocupação: Profissional
Nacionalidade: Dutch
Zona: Lisboa(centro);
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